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Braces.  Sometimes just the word can make parents uneasy.  We know you have lots of questions.  Like you, we understand that every good mom wants the best for her kids (we’re moms too).  At Hamada Orthodontics, our goal is to simplify the process so that achieving that dynamite smile can be an exciting benchmark in life rather than an intimidating sea of unknowns.


I could never describe the impact your office has had on my daughter – not in a sentence or even in a book. It is amazing what your office did for my child. Her self confidence has sky rocketed and she finally has a positive view of her visual image. The results are perfect.

C. Becnel

Getting braces shouldn’t be complicated. Here’s how we make it simple:

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Get the smile you’re after

We like to have fun!

With almost fifteen years of experience, Dr. Hamada has been there to deliver that picture-perfect smile for thousands of kids and adults.


We’ve had the privilege of seeing smiles literally change the lives of those we’ve served.  We continually push ourselves to raise the level of excellence through technological advances, in-depth Team training, and hands-on continuing education.  The Hamada Orthodontics Team is committed to earning your trust.

This is how we do it:

We promise to explain everything to you every step of the way.

We promise to design a plan for your child as if he or she were our own.

We promise to work with your dentist and to take care of any communication for you with him or her.  We routinely work with all the local dentists and will gladly share x-rays, pictures, treatment plans, etc. on your behalf.

We promise to work with your insurance company for you so you don’t have to deal with that hassle.

We promise to try to make visits as convenient as possible.  We offer before and after school/work appointments.

We promise to offer an interest-free payment plan that will spread out the total cost of treatment over time.

We promise to make this process as smooth as possible because it shouldn’t be so hard.

Kids face more pressure today than ever before.  Too often kids are afraid to let their full smile show.  We know how to help get them the confidence they need to face their world with a great smile.

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Your kids will thank you.  We’ll handle the smile part.

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I go to Hamada Orthodontics because Dr. Allison and the staff are always kind and friendly.

Dani T.

Our Team

From the moment you enter, you’ll notice a positive energy and feel the warm atmosphere of the Practice.  We’re confident you and your entire family will feel comfortable right from the start.  We are all moms and are entirely focused on making this experience fun, easy, and ultimately life-changing.  Our team touts over 35 years of experience in orthodontics and is privileged to  to be creating beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime.


Ashley, our Treatment Coordinator is there to help you get the smile you’re after.  With over ten years of orthodontic experience, she’ll put you at ease from the moment you meet her.  She’ll guide you through your consultation and get you started with your braces if you need them.  She is a wife and a mother of two beautiful girls, Chloe and Riley.


Jamie, our Financial Coordinator will also help you get started if you do need treatment.  She’ll take care of all your insurance paperwork for you and ensure that you receive all your insurance benefits.  You’ll recognize her by her big smile and welcome every time you walk in the door!  She’s a wife and mother of two handsome and gracious young men, Brennan and Kevin.  


Brittany will help you get your braces on!  She’s always smiling, so she’ll make it fun and easy.  She’ll also teach you how to take care of your braces and the importance of good oral hygiene.  She’ll change your wires and color bands also.  She is also the mom of a precious baby girl.  


As a Clinical Assistant, Amanda will help get your teeth in the right spot!  She’ll see you with Dr. Hamada and will change your wires and color bands.  She’ll teach you how teeth move and how to take care of your braces.  She also completed her Dental Assisting Training at Ascension College and has been with Hamada Orthodontics ever since.   We’re all very excited that she’ll be a mom very soon!!


Erika will greet you when you walk into the office, and she’ll likely answer when you call.    She’ll help keep your treatment on track by scheduling your appointments.    With over seven years of experience, you’ll notice how efficient and sweet she is.  She is a wife and has a precious young daughter and a step-son.

Allison Hamada, DDS A mom of two young daughters, Dr. Hamada gets kids.  She truly enjoys being an integral part of  helping them come out of their shells.  As a Doctor, she loves creating uniquely customized smiles for each patient.  This desire has pushed her to explore new treatment modalities and to reach new levels of excellence.  She’ll be the first to explain how excited she is about reaching these new heights.  Just ask her – she’s dying to talk about it!

Dr. Hamada completed her undergraduate work at ULL (USL back in the day) after studying in France for a year through Tulane University.  Isn’t it amazing what career possibilities exist with a French degree!  After completing her undergraduate studies in 1996, she attended and graduated from LSU School of Dentistry in 2000.  Following dental school, she entered Columbia University’s Orthodontic Program in New York.  She is originally from Opelousas and is glad to be back in south Louisiana!  She and her husband enjoy cooking for friends and traveling with their daughters.  Given the time, Dr. Allison loves to explore local waters on her paddle board.

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For New Patients

Our goal is to give you that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted as quickly as possible.  We understand that choosing to receive orthodontic care is a big decision, and we respect your reasons for wanting to improve the way you look and feel.  As you’ll notice on our walls, we’re all about improving and reaching for better too!

Your consultation will give you the opportunity to meet our Team, learn more about orthodontics, have a complete initial exam by Dr. Hamada, and find out which treatment options will best meet your needs.  During your initial consultation, we will:

  1. Review your dental and medical history
  2. Take digital x-rays (unlike the ones taken at your dentist’s office) and pictures to determine whether treatment is necessary
  3. Create a customized treatment plan with Dr. Hamada’s guidance
  4. Discuss all financial information, insurance options, and payment plans

Our Team is there to answer any questions you may have.  Schedule your consultation now to get started on your new smile. CONTACT US

You’re one step closer to achieving the smile you’ve always wanted!  After your consultation, we will schedule your appointment for Dr. Hamada to place your new orthodontic appliances.  This appointment generally takes about 30 minutes to an hour.  Our Team’s goal is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible the entire time.
Seeing Dr. Hamada about every four to ten weeks is an important part of your orthodontic treatment.  We will work with you to make sure your appointments are as convenient as possible.
It is very important that you continue to visit your dentist once every six months for cleanings and routine checkups during your orthodontic treatment.  If extra dental care is needed, we will work closely with your dentist to ensure the best result for you.
Your smile is yours forever, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best orthodontic care whenever you need it.  Consultations are always free of charge and include digital x-rays and photographs.  The cost of your orthodontic treatment will vary, depending on your individual needs and treatment plan. Our staff will discuss the cost of your treatment and each available payment plan option with you, so you can make the best choice for yourself and your smile. We will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget, and you will know what to expect before beginning treatment.  Our practice accepts most major credit cards and all insurances, and we will take care of filing all the necessary paperwork for you.

Before & After

Everyone is so nice here and they make your smile beautiful. They make you feel like family.

Kayden O.

About Orthodontics & Treatments

Parents are often understandably surprised and puzzled by the fact that the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children be seen by an orthodontist by the age of 7. After all, what’s the rush? Shouldn’t we just wait for all the baby teeth to fall out? The reason for this recommendation is that at this young age, children’s bones are almost like clay. If there is a jaw mismatch, orthodontists can make changes that will result in a normal bony foundation and an easier and faster round of braces during adolescence, possibly avoiding future tooth removal. For the majority; however, no treatment is indicated, and parents can rest assured in their child’s supervision being guided by a specialist.
Patients often wonder what it means that their orthodontist is specialized in dentofacial orthopedics. This additional training allows orthodontists the expertise to manage tooth movement (orthodontics) as well as guide facial growth and development (dentofacial orthopedics.) This guidance can start as early as age 7, which is why orthodontists like to examine kids by that age.
What is TMJ/TMD and why does it matter to you? Temporomandibular Disorder is a condition where the joints in your jaw become sore and movement is restricted. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic face and neck pains as well as recurring headaches. These can all be signs of a TMD/TMJ condition that may require treatment.
Orthodontics is designed to reposition and straighten teeth, but surgical orthodontics may be needed in some cases to correct more severe jaw irregularities. Surgical orthodontics is used to straighten the jaw into alignment, often improving a patient’s ability to chew, speak, and breathe. Braces are often worn in conjunction with orthodontic surgery to make sure the teeth stay in the proper position as well.
Thankfully, due to advances in wire technology, the discomfort from braces these days is minimal compared to days of old! It only takes about an hour to get your braces on, and as we tell all our new patients, “Nothing hurts, but everything is weird!” Check out our video about how we put braces on After the procedure, kids go right back to school, and adults go right back to work. When you first get your braces, you may notice that your teeth and mouth feel a little tender or sore. This is perfectly normal and only lasts a few days. Thanks to advances in wire technology, this soreness does not interfere with life like in years past. To relieve the soreness, we recommend taking a pain reliever the first couple of days and eating soft foods that are easy to chew.
More and more adults today are seeking orthodontic treatment to improve the look of their smile. In fact, about 20 percent of our patients are adults. Dr. Hamada offers several esthetic treatment options designed especially for adults, resulting in a dramatically different smile and healthier bite. She is also an OrthoAccel provider, which allows her to achieve the results you’re after in 20% less time. Orthodontic treatment is designed to not only improve the appearance of your smile, but also to improve the health of your teeth and gums as well. By seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult you can possibly avoid severe tooth decay, gum and bone loss, irregular wear of the tooth enamel, and TMJ/TMD pain.
There are no limitations to the activities you can enjoy while undergoing orthodontic treatment! If you play sports, Dr. Hamada recommends wearing a mouthguard, and you will receive one as soon as you get your braces. Similarly, if you play a musical instrument like the trumpet, you’ll never miss a beat because you will be given a comfortable music guard that will protect your lips from the braces.
After you get your braces, Dr. Hamada ‘s Team will provide you with a Sonicare toothbrush right from the start to help ensure that your teeth stay clean. When you have braces it’s very important to brush well in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout your treatment.

At Hamada Orthodontics they make me feel at home and I enjoy the atmosphere. They are like family!

Noah A.


AcceleDent® Aura is a simple-to-use, hands-free device designed for faster orthodontic treatment with only 20 minutes daily use.  It is a FDA-cleared, Class II medical device.

Clarity™ Ceramic Braces work like metal braces. Only better, because they blend in with your teeth for a great look. They are a perfect combination of strength and beauty.

  • Translucent, designed to blend in with your teeth
  • Small and smooth for your comfort
  • Smile all you want, there’s no staining
  • Clarity braces are trusted and used by orthodontists worldwide
  • More than 1 million patients have been treated with Clarity braces

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